Trending colours for summer web design projects

If you’re planning to revamp your website with us this summer – or perhaps are about to commence work on your first-ever business website – then why not consider adding a totally on-trend new shade to your design? Picking a trending colour can give your new site a contemporary, modern appeal. A pop of colour can work wonders to inject new life into a design, even if you’re only making minor cosmetic changes so read on to find out what this summer’s hottest shades are set to be…

Coral pink

The popularity of coral pink isn’t likely to be constrained to summer as it is the official PANTONE colour of the year for 2019. According to the hue heroes at PANTONE, this colour (Living Coral to give it its official title) is said to “energise and enliven”. It’s described as optimistic and joyful, is nurturing, represents modern life and nature, linking closely to the coral reef. Thanks to its many qualities, this is an on-trend selection for a range of industries and can pair well with other shades to create a website design that is fresh, inviting and welcoming.


This deep, purple-hued blue is also very much on-trend for summer but unlike its Living Coral counterpart, has more corporate echoes making it a great choice for a whole host of website designs. The deep blue also pairs well with lots of lighter shades, so you can play around to create an eye-catching contrast. A crisp white is a classic choice but, if you want a bold website, you could pair it with pops of lime green, used as an accent for things like buttons, headers or menu items.

Ancient Grain

This colour, as its name suggests, is the colour of a golden wheat. It’s more neutral and muted than Coral Pink but not quite as bold as Blueberry either. Because of this, it’s a perfect partner to brighter, zestier shades and can be put to work on a very elegant, classic web design that won’t quickly appear dated.


This luscious purple shade has been around in trending circles for a while and is a previous PANTONE colour of the year. It’s rich and luxurious and lends itself to a whole host of sectors, from fitness to fashion or food. This colour is also a great choice for any design or branding project as it can be paired with a wide selection of other shades including orange, white, blue or magenta.

Which colour will you incorporate into your new site design?


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