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Social Listening and Social Monitoring – Explained

There is a big difference between social listening and social monitoring, although the two terms are often used interchangeably.  Social listening is the process of tracking what is being said about your brand online, while social monitoring is the act of tracking specific keywords or topics across social media platforms. Social listening can help you get a better understanding of what people are saying about your brand, as well as identify any potential issues that need to be addressed. It can also help you find new customers and followers, and gain insights into what your competitors are doing.

Social monitoring, on the other hand, can help you track your brand’s reputation and see how it changes over time. It can also help you see which topics are getting the most attention online, so you can focus your marketing efforts on those areas.

You have a solid digital presence. Your business is sometimes booming while pacing low at other times. Do you experience a sudden urge to know what people gossip about your business or how they perceive it? Perhaps, you will retort, “sudden urge? It happens all the time.” However, you can be aware of what’s going on in your consumers’ minds and the general public’s about your business effortlessly. You need strategies.

A couple of powerful strategies out of many are social listening and social monitoring. This mini blog sheds light on both of them while their advantages depict the facts of why people should do it. They also highlight how they serve in reputation management. Thus, let’s get weaving.

Social Monitoring

You can take it as tracking or gathering relevant information about your brand from social media. Now, this info will come from your customers who use hashtags or mention you in the comments on posts, and it also includes keyword tracking and other direct or indirect mentions.

Advantages of Social Monitoring

Allows you to get support

While you monitor your brand, you often see famous personalities like bloggers or influencers tagging your brand in their posts. And below their position, you perceive the stream of comments and mentions. Well, here’s a potluck. Get assistance from these people to enlarge your audience circle.

Develops Deeper Understanding

You can grow your speculation regarding your competitors and trends through extensive checking. It allows you to take better decisions and be informed. Eventually, this will help your reputation management skills as you will have a lot on your plate to offer!

Know the public’s sentiments

You can quickly understand your opinions and feelings about your product or service. It’s essential to have a positive image for your customer base. Hence, this allows you to mould your strategies for a prosperous future.

Social Listening

It is a process of keeping an eye on conversations involving your brand or business. It also includes those where you are not untagged; hence, you can utilize appropriate tools. It allows you to make informed decisions and gain insight into your contenders.

Now, hold on. Do these techniques look similar? Not so? Good. Because social monitoring is just about what’s going on?

Conversely, social listening takes a deep dive into why it is happening. What must be done? Are we lagging somewhere? Are we going to drop sales? Are the customers unhappy or dissatisfied? And numerous other questions are answered by social listening!

Advantages of Social Listening

Helps Pointing Out Your Errors

Maybe you’re one hundred per cent sure that your planning and marketing techniques are top-notch. Still, it would help if you had customer feedback to know where you are lacking. Sometimes, just making corrections leads to huge profits; hence, social monitoring allows you this functionality.

Makes Room For Improvement

You have collected relevant data and know what your consumers expect from you. Yes! It is time to meet their expectations. You have tracked sentiments in real-time through social listening, and now you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions. Such as whether you continue your existing service as it is or instils changes in it, et cetera.

Future Scope

A company grows if it sticks to innovation and competes with its contenders. However, the crucial part is played by time. When you’re social listening, you become knowledgeable about plans, trends, competitors’ plans, and keywords. It can help you build your projects in advance. Hence, it assists you in managing your reputation so that you reside as toppers.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, realising the significance of these two strategies can be a turning point in your business venture as they provide you with the road to drive your success vehicle. And the best part is it tells you where the road is smooth and where it’s bumpy. Hence adopt them and use them wisely.

If you need help with your brand social listening or monitoring, contact We Are Innovative today to find out how we can help.

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