Restaurant Reputation Management

A comprehensive reputation management service for your restaurant.

50 %
Of diners choose restaurants based on their online reviews.
20 %
Wouldn’t eat in a restaurant a rating lower than four stars.
20 %
Of consumers only care about reviews submitted in the last two weeks.

Your restaurant’s reputation is constantly at risk. With the power that social media and review sites hold, an unhappy customer can ruin your reputation in just a couple of minutes.

How we can help

We Are Innovative can help you manage your online reputation, create customer trust and build greater demand. We do this by monitoring and maintaining your online reviews, reaching out to existing customers for positive reviews and helping to spread their feedback.


We offer five unique services that can run in parallel to one another.

You can choose multiple services:


We will stay on top of conversations about your restaurant.

£179 a month

Social Media

We will help you showcase your business on social media.

£49 a month


We will generate more reviews from your happy customers. 

£349 a month

Google Business

We will claim listing profiles and set up Google Business Profile.

£49 one off payment

Need to fix your restaurant's reputation?

We offer a thorough Reputation Repair Service.

Choose your services

You can choose multiple services:
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Majority of brand interactions happen online, most of the time before the customers steps foot inside your restaurant. This is why engaging with your customer feedback, both negative and positive is vital.


Reputation management is the method of collecting insights, monitoring how consumers perceive your business and taking action when necessary. Reputation management influences people’s sentiment by changing what they see when they search for your business on google, social media and online forums.

Your restaurant reputation is the difference between a busy weekend with a packed house and a slow weekend with empty tables.
Reviews can make or break your restaurant business, especially if you let negative reviews go unanswered. While you cannot control what customers say about you, you can control the response and use it as an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Your reputation is our business. We help restaurants in Southampton improve their online reputation by monitoring, generating and answering your business reviews. Sharing positive news  about your business and its impact to the community. 

Online reviews are the new word-of mouth, and while it is inevitable your restaurant will receive a negative review, it is important to know how to deal with them with a little impact on your business.

We Are Innovative has a great team of reputation management professionals that handle the negative reviews for you, we will respond, flag the feedback to you and take the conversation offline.

We will develop a bespoke strategy with you to ensure you have claimed the listing on where your business appears, conduct review outreach, make it easy for your customers to leave reviews and most importantly respond to your brand mentions and reviews.

Reputation management is the key to your restaurant’s success. A great reputation can attract new customers and help your business grow, but even if your restaurant reviews are average, you’re likely losing more customers than you think. 

In Southampton, there is no shortage of options when it comes to restaurants, which is why your business cannot afford to lose your reputation. Customers rely heavily on online reviews, 78% of diners say that reading online reviews factors into whether or not they book a reservation at least half the time. This is why reputation management needs to be high on your restaurant’s priority list. 

Reputation builds trust and credibility, meaning more people will choose your restaurant over the competitions. 

By actively monitoring your reputation and replying to your reviews, you may benefit from a steady flow of new and existing customers. 

Reviews don’t only influence your restaurant’s growth, but also the opinions of potential and current customers. What’s more, customers are prepared to pay 31% more in a business that has excellent reviews.

We don’t like contracts, our services are on a month to month basis. If for some reason you want to cancel your service, give us 30 days notice.

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