How local SEO can help you grow your business

Local SEO is an important part of any business’ marketing strategy. It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers. It is a powerful tool that can help businesses grow their customer base and reach new markets. By optimising their website for local search engines, businesses can attract more local customers and improve their chances of being found online.

You Google Karate classes in London, and it shows you a school within 1.5 hours of drive. Are you passionate enough to drive 1.5 hours daily to your class? Let’s look at another case scenario.

You’re currently the best chef providing cooking classes in town, but still, people are driving miles to take the classes because they don’t know you.
What will you do? Will you distribute pamphlets, or will you knock on the doors and advertise yourself? Well, the option is nice but time-consuming and costly.

This is why most companies have started using Local SEO for their businesses. Let’s go into a little detail and discuss what is it and how it can help you.

What is local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization helps you become more visible to your locals and neighbours through Google search results. At least once a week, 89% of people Google a local business. You’ll be shocked to know that 72% of them physically visit the store within 5 miles.


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See the above example; this is how Google helps you highlight your business and flourish it. It shows you the nearest shops first, and then you can search for other shops.

Why is local SEO important?

Suppose you Google something, and it shows you a few links. Which one will you open first?
98% of searchers open the very 1st link they see on Google results. Local SEO helps a company to bring your website to the top. It enables you to increase your website ranking on Google search results.
The term “near me today/tonight” has increased to 900% between 2017 and 2019, so you can imagine how effective local SEO will be.

Benefits of local SEO

Now that you know what local SEO is and how it’s necessary, it now time for you to know how this thing benefits you.

Your name lasts longer than Jeanne Calment

Does distributing pamphlets bring at least 1/3 of potential consumers to you? Is advertising through traditional marketing methods a one-time thing? Definitely Not! You got to spend a handsome amount each week printing pamphlets and promotional cards. Plus, the reach isn’t worthy of spending thousand every month.
This is where local SEO benefits you by blessing you with a long-lasting ranking.

SEO targets active buyers

When people search for something on Google, they are already interested in that particular thing they’re searching for. For example, if somebody searches for “cooking schools near me”, it means that person is interested in taking cooking classes. Therefore, there is a higher chance that a person will take your services.

Local SEO is always evolving

Google keeps on changing its algorithms frequently. However, you don’t have to worry about it because the local SEO company that you hired will take care of it. Also, local SEO is less competitive as compared to global SEO. So, it is easy to rank higher in local searches.

SEO is a long-term investment

As we mentioned earlier also, local SEO is a one-time thing. Once you have optimized your website according to the latest Google algorithms, it will keep bringing traffic to your website for a long time. Also, the organic traffic that you get from local SEO is more targeted as compared to the traffic that you get from other marketing methods.

It grows your business like a tree

Local SEO always focuses on bringing the most filtered yet vast traffic to you. More traffic means more sales, and more sales mean more interested paying consumers. The more your number of consumers grows, the more your business peaks the height of fame.

It brings an ocean of potential consumers to you

46% of Google searches are for local pieces of information. If you Google your business, it will definitely make you appear on local searches. People will search for cooking schools near me, and the Google search will show you on the top. When you use local SEO, it enables you to target the people who are actually interested in your product or services. You don’t have to spend extra money on targeting uninterested people.

Pocket-friendly marketing

What is better than spending $300 per month and getting 300 consumers in a month?
Since local SEO is a one-time thing, it is less costly than traditional marketing. 80% of smartphone users search “Near Me” for a particular company. So, nothing can stop you from popping up on your researcher’s screen when they search for something related to cooking.

Final thoughts

If you own a small business or you provide services locally, Local SEO is surely a blessing in disguise for you. Not just it provides you with enhanced traffic but more sales and more calls. A marketing tool that can provide you with better online visibility and targeted web traffic with enhanced consumer trust is definitely something to go for.

If you need help with local SEO, contact We Are Innovative today to find out how we can support you!

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