e-Commerce Websites: 5 Essential Elements Your Website Should Have: Responsive Design

e-Commerce Websites: 5 Essential Elements Your Website Should Have

Although e-Commerce websites launch left and right nowadays, minor things set every website apart from the other. One of them is website elements—various tools making the platform a distinguished part of a company’s e-commerce efforts. However, it’s important to remember that not all details benefit the business of turning leads into sales. But here are some features every e-commerce website should have.

1. Call to Action Buttons

Being aware of the call to action button’s impotence is a must as a business owner. These buttons lead a visitor to a landing page, subscribe to a newsletter, install an app, and more. Call to action buttons are crucial to a site’s conversion rate and should be visible on all essential pages of the platform.

Try using the call to action buttons that accurately describe the action that you’re trying to make your visitors initiate. For example, instead of using the usual “submit,” “enter,” and “try,” why not go for more impactful phrases such as “try our free trial,” “reserve your seat,” or “download the file,” which directly leads the readers to the action you want out of them.

e-commerce website photo of a call to action: let's get started

2. Customer Support for e-Commerce Websites

The backbone of a successful eCommerce website is a well-implemented customer support system. People having an excellent time browsing or shopping online is a perfect sign that a business heads for success. However, it is also a way to rate the company’s current standing and where it could go in the future.

Excellent customer service helps the users get the best out of their experience. As there will be problems along the way, such as browsing difficulties, checkout problems, and many more, it’s ideal for them to know that someone from the company is always available and ready to help in case they would need it. As a result, customers will feel taken care of, which will make them come back as loyal customers. There are many customer service platforms you can implement on your site. One of the best one to have is a live chat. Tools, such as Tidio, DelightChat and more will help you provide support in real-time. It enhances customer experience and can boost your customer retention.

3. Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the essential element of an e-commerce platform. It is the feature that lets customers add multiple items to the basket and pay for everything at once. It’s intuitive and straightforward, and it looks attractive and easy to use. A well-implemented shopping cart starts a sale and makes a purchase easy-going.

A poorly implemented shopping cart can trick visitors into thinking that it’s a part of the website that doesn’t work well and make them leave the platform. Instead of placing the shopping cart’s logo anywhere on the website, put it in the upper right corner of the screen. As a result, users will see the button and recognise what they can do with it after browsing the website.

shopping cart with online shopping cubes inside of with. next to a magnifying glass. for the blog post about e-commerce websites

4. Product Videos

People love watching videos. They’re engaging and make your product easier to imagine. Plus, videos are a great tool to boost your e-commerce conversion rate. It’s essential to have a video for every product. But keep in mind that videos aren’t always good for every product; for example, a video that a cycling helmet is the best solution for a skiing trip won’t do your e-commerce conversion rate any good.

5. Responsive Interface

A responsive e-commerce site is an actual money-making machine. People use the Internet on all kinds of devices, expecting the interface to respond to it. No one wants to have an experience that is not tailored to their screen size. It is why an eCommerce website should launch a responsive interface. Responsive e-commerce websites are fast, easy to navigate. It also adjusts its size to the visitors device, requires minimal scrolling and has the potential to make your visitors say: “woah”.

e-Commerce Websites: 5 Essential Elements Your Website Should Have: Responsive Design

e-Commerce Websites Conclusion

If your company’s e-commerce platform isn’t as profitable as you expected, it’s probably because you forgot to add a few elements. But you can quickly remedy this by implementing features you’ve just read about. Doing this will ensure that the platform is user-friendly and meets your customers’ needs. You’ll also make the platform more effective at attracting leads and turning them into sales and profits.

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