4 Exciting Web Design Trends for 2022

Trends in web design come and go, but we believe that 2022 will be the year that stands out. Current events has always inspired trends, and this year is no different.

We are in the time of change—economic recovery, user privacy and safety, and 2022 web design will reflect that. What’s more, users have been spending more time at home over the past years surfing the internet, looking for something that excites them, and web designers are finding creative ways for their sites to feel less boring and more creative and exciting. To find out how you can make your website a bit more exiting, read about the following web design trends that have started to emerge from last year and sure to stick around for 2022.


1. Optimistic, Yet Simple Designs

Web designers have been finding creative ways for their sites to feel less boring and more exciting in the year of 2022. Functional and minimalist interfaces and design dominated the past 10 years’ web design. Where the purpose of the design was the ease of use and navigation.
Now that we have lived the past two years in a pandemic, businesses are starting to use bold colours and funky shapes to inject good vibes into the world.

Nourish Change Website Screenshot
Menu Durable uses interactive colourful shapes that makes their homepage stand out.

2. Gradients and Even More Gradients

Using gradients in web design is a trend that keeps on coming back around.
This year, gradient colour schemes are gaining popularity not only for backgrounds but also for icon, text colour and illustration fills. You can make them subtle or catch people’s eye with more dazzling gradients.

Web Design southampton
Web Design Southampton use gradients in action across elements on different pages.

3.  Dark Mode — Low Light

Dark modes and themes are extremely popular – instead of displaying light coloured background and dark text, dark mode creates more contrast between the content and the background that limits eyestrain and improves content readability. What’s more dark mode makes the images pop out.

British Museum Homepage screenshot
British Museum website uses dark mode and simple typographic to ensure the images pop.

4. Interactive Graphics

When we design websites, our objectives for the site have always been to attract visitors, make them engage with the content and get them to convert. A great way to keep more users engaged on your site is interactive graphics that also provide an added context for users. For example, if you need to show before and after imagery, add a unique feature that scrolls between the images and lets consumers be involved with the story rather than just see two images side by side.


Even though no-one can know exactly what this year is going to hold, if you would like to jazz up your website, ensure you’re catching consumers eye and keeping them on your website.
At We Are Innovative, we don’t just follow the latest trends. We take into consideration what your needs are and how to make sure that you have an effective website for any type of business you run!

If you would like us to help you design your website, contact us today!

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