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3 Ways How Your Web Design Affects Your SEO Rankings

Marketers need to be involved in the web design process from start to finish to ensure the best return on investment for the website. User-friendly and appealing web design to search engine crawlers will result in the best SEO performance. So, how your web design affects your SEO rankings? Your web design affects your site optimisation in three ways – aesthetics, content, and SEO – so it’s important to prioritise each when designing your website.

1. SEO and User Experience Go Hand in Hand

Good design makes your site look better for your users, while poor design makes your site look worse for search engines. The design of your website affects how your site visitors and also, search engines, perceive it. However, you need to remember, web design isn’t about gaming search engine bots. Search engine bots are trying to mimic the visitor’s user experience. What’s bad for users is also bad for search engine bots; the two go hand in hand.

If your site is challenging to use, your customers will quickly leave your website, and to keep users engaged, ensure your site loads quickly, is easy to navigate and has quality content. Keep your site design updated to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

To ensure your site visitors have a great experience, your website’s navigation structure affects your average page time, bounce rate, engagement rate, and your conversion rate. These are also the factors that help improve your site’s search engine factors.

2. Good Web Design Makes It Easier for Crawlers to Index Your Site

How Your Web Design Affects Your SEO Rankings? SEO Crawlers

As a web designer, prioritise your site visitor’s needs, but it’s important to pay close attention to the needs of search engines. Web design has an enormous impact on your SEO and bottom line, therefore if you make the wrong design choices, your site may become difficult for crawlers to index your site, which damages your SEO rankings.
You need to ensure your web developer formats your website’s URLs, content, and images in a way that’s easier for search engines to index. This will boost your search engine rankings.

3. Quality Visuals Boost Time On-Site

It’s only that web design affects your SEO rankings, but also a good design also shows your business knows what it’s doing. It gives you the authority to be taken seriously and builds trust with your users. It takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your website and if your site doesn’t look good, people will leave. By using well-designed content, you can keep them on your site longer, increase your chances of getting conversions and ranking in search engines.

A great way to make your site look engaging, use relevant and interesting images. However, be careful, as using a lot of images might slow your website down, and as you know, speed is also a search engine ranking factor. To make sure your site’s not slowed down by images, optimise the images for your website – ensure the large images are no larger than 1MB and other graphics 300 KB or less.

Good web design not only looks great but also helps people build trust and get to know your company. By pairing high-quality content with striking visuals, you create a welcoming environment that signals to search engines that your site is credible and worth ranking.

Designing an SEO-Friendly Website

How Your Web Design Affects Your SEO Rankings Designing an SEO Friendly Website

The website that you design should be as user-friendly as possible. Let your users know what they can expect from your site and help them accomplish their goals. Share the benefits of your website so that customers will keep coming back.

Excellent UX design will help your website rank higher on the search engines, so you and your web designer need to collaborate and make the process easy for the customer to use. The most important thing to remember is that every website should have a design conducive to the user’s experience.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how web design affects your SEO rankings, you should make sure you prioritise the needs of your website users. You want to make sure that your site looks great and is easy to use, but you also want to ensure that your site can rank well in search engines.

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